In our last post we announced, that we will continue to tell you about the coconut development since the cashew season is over. This week there is again not much activity with the coconuts. During the monsoon season in India, nobody is plucking coconuts – neither Thomas` children, Joyet and Jomel.  Therefore, we are still waiting for better weather to get some pics of the plucking.

In the meantime Donsa, the daughter of Thomas, shows you a very young coconut sapling.

Thomas` daughter Donsa

Thomas` daughter Donsa


Did you know that this plant needs 8 to 10 years till it can produce coconuts? This is quite a long time. It takes long until you can reap the first coconuts, but then the coconut trees provide all year around coconuts and up to an age of 60 years.

The next picture shows the fronds how they look like when they are small. Once fully grown they reach a size of 10 -15 feet.


small fronds

small fronds of a coconut tree


And here you see fully grown trees that are producing coconuts.

fully grown

Thomas` children Joyet and Jamal send us pictures from a pond, which lies in an old quarry nearby. Doesn`t that look beautiful and doesn’t it attract to jump in and refresh from the heat? 🙂