Francis has finished this year’s cashew season. It is only at the beginning of next year, when cashew trees in his garden will be in flower again and the cashew circle will reconstruct itself.

This week’s pictures show Francis together with animals that live together with him on the farm: goats, pigs and cows.

The next picture surely raises questions to many of us. It shows Francis with huge tubers that he has harvested on his farm. Francis describes the type of tubers in Malayalam, the local language spoken in Kerala, and names them Cherukizhangu, Chena, and Kaachil. The big round ones are called Elephant Foot yam in English but what the other fruits are called, he does not know.

The last picture of this post is very interesting. It shows the process of rubber tapping. Francis has to make an incision in the trunk of the tree and the sap, which is actually rubber, will gradually collect in the coconut shell tied to the trunk. The sap is collected daily from the coconut shell.

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