Four departments – A one-stop shop for great service

We have four departments– Pakka AG, Pakka Sourcing GmbH, Pakka Finance AG and Pakka Foundation – covering the whole product value chain, from sustainable agricultural production, to trade in raw materials and semi-processed goods to private labelling and our own highly innovative brand. Pakka has grown to become a reliable partner and service provider for organic and Fairtrade speciality products from the tropics, the main ones being cashews and other nuts.

Pakka AG – Our own premium brand

We offer a range of high-quality products under the Pakka brand to individual and business customers (in particular, the restaurant and catering trade, and wholesalers). The distribution for the specialized trade runs mainly through our partner companies in the different countries. Our products are the brand ambassadors, embodying our guiding principles of exceptional taste and social responsibility. Pakka is good through and through.
General terms

For further information, please contact Tom von Euw.

Phone: +41 44 454 22 86

Biodina SA – Importer and raw material trader

As of January 1, 2022, a new raw material trading company named BIODINA SA was created from the raw material divisions of Pakka Group (Switzerland), Bio Partner AG (Switzerland) and EcorNaturaSì (Italy) in collaboration with Bio Development AG (Switzerland).
The company specializes in organically produced and fairly traded raw materials in the following areas:
▪ Nuts, pulses and seeds.
▪ Dried fruits
▪ Fruits and vegetables (frozen and processed)
▪ Sweeteners and complementary assortment

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For further information, please contact Ueli Baruffol or Erol Bay.

Phone: +41 44 454 22 80

Phone: +41 44 454 22 90

Pakka Finance AG – Project development and support

The role of Pakka Finance AG is to build and strengthen partnerships with companies and cooperatives in countries in the South. The aim is to develop a solid trading business based on shared responsibility and profits. In its partnerships with existing suppliers Pakka Finance AG seeks to optimize its range of products for export. At the same time, we look to safeguard purchasing through targeted cooperation with new suppliers. Whenever possible and wherever it makes sense, Pakka Finance AG invests additional resources in concrete projects and third-party funding, or else looks to draw up new project proposals and make joint funding applications with its partners.

For further information, please contact Ueli Baruffol or Marco Righetti.

Phone: +41 44 454 22 80

Phone: +41 44 454 22 82

Pakka Foundation – Promoting sustainable value chains

The Pakka Foundation promotes the development of sustainable and resource-saving value chains. By creating the necessary framework conditions, the Pakka Foundation is committed to improving investment conditions for private companies, mainly during the high-risk initial project phases.
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For further information, please contact Ueli Baruffol.

Phone: +41 44 454 22 80