Several tons of cashew kernels are ready for being exported to Europe. Carton by carton is loaded up on the truck, soon heading off to the port city Cochin.

One single carton of cashew weighs 22.68kg and contains two pouches, each of 11.34kg. This is the commercial standard used ever since this cash crop has been exported from India. Once converted to the Anglo Saxon mass system we get one whole number: 11.34kg equals 25 pounds (lbs.).

Cashew kernels are graded on the basis of their size or in other words on the basis of a maximum number of kernels per pound. Let’s suppose that the cartons are charged with cashew kernels of grade W240 (this is the grade we use for Pakka snacks). In summary this means that one carton of 50 pounds contains a total of 12‘000 kernels (2x25x240)!


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