We take responsibility with and for our partners…

left: Tom von Euw (CEO) / right: Ueli Baruffol (founder Pakka)

«Pakka» means: Real, authentic and very good quality…

The name Pakka comes from the Hindi. When an Indian describes something as being “pakka”, he or she means that it is of excellent quality, that it is genuine and authentic. Our name embodies our guiding principle. Our aim is not only for our products to be pakka but also all the means by which they make their way to our customers. Our raw materials are produced by Southern farmers, to whom we are tied by more than trade. Both we and the farmers run our businesses on a sustainable basis with joint and healthy growth at their core. That naturally demands trust, respect and intercultural understanding. Such cooperation takes more than a single harvest to establish – and lasts all the longer for it.

Enjoyment and great taste are additional Pakka principles that we put into practice with our partners in the South and our clients in the North. We strive, whenever possible, to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities and services. We view global trade as a means to an end. Sometimes it takes a great deal of courage to do things differently. And we have that courage!

Ueli Baruffol
Chairman of the Board