partners and suppliers

The foundations of an equitable network

Pakka invests a great deal of energy and work in developing and nurturing partnerships with exporters and producers in the South. The company’s approach to trade goes far beyond a normal business relationship. It includes pre-financing export contracts, technical assistance and strategic advice as well as help with implementing projects funded by third parties. This intensive assistance has resulted in strong partnerships with suppliers, which in turn enable Pakka to guarantee its Western customers reliable deliveries of high-quality certified products. These direct and longstanding relationships with projects in producer countries mean that Pakka can offer its clients total transparency and traceability as well as strict quality assurance.

Producer families in projects working with Pakka have a higher and above all more stable income. Small farmers benefit most from this type of partnership as they face up to the daily struggle of meeting their daily expenses as well as covering the cost of healthcare and schooling.

The projects Pakka is currently working with and funding provide better livelihoods for around 6,000 families in Asia, Africa and Latin America.