Asociacion Acayma, Colombia

The most important facts

Pakka Fairtrade partner:
February 2015

Main products:
Peanuts, mango, pineapple and limes

12 producers and 35 harvesters during the season

71.5  ha


Country and region:
Tolima and Cundinamarca, Colombia

About Asociacion Acayma, Colombia

Cotton plants once grew as far as the eye could see in the fields of the Tolima region, southwest of Bogotá, Colombia. But since the collapse of the local cotton industry, most of the fields lie fallow. Yet the soils are certainly suitable for growing other crops. For example, peanuts, which were already used in crop rotation in the cotton era. As a result, there is even local know-how about cultivation and some equipment.

But what is missing is the market! Pakka did not let this fact slow them down: with a lot of courage, persuasion and investment, the Asociacion Acayma and farmer William Arenas were brought on board. Pakka helped him with the organic certification, set up the logistics and created a cooperation with Equiori, the first Colombian organic chocolate producer. This is how Pakka’s delicious organic chocolate-covered peanuts were created – with the entire value creation process, from cultivation to packaging, taking place in Colombia and thus in the country of origin. This creates new jobs, which are particularly important in a structurally weak region like Tolima. In a next step, more farmers are to join the Asociacion Acayma and additional jobs will be created.