Elements & FTAK, South India

Most important facts

Pakka Fairtrade partner since:
November 2005

Number of farming families:

Surface area:
600 ha certified organic

Main products:
Cashew nuts, spices, coffee, cocoa, coconut- based products

Max Havelaar, Bio-Suisse, EU organic

Country and region:
India, Kerala

Videoportrait FTAK

Fairtrade Alliance Kerala (FTAK): Portrait about the farmers of the cooperative FTAK and what is behind it.

About Elements & FTAK, South India

Pakka is a part of Elements and vice versa. Not only because the fine cashews we bring to Europe and Switzerland are still an important part of our core business, but also because we have been walking a common path since the beginning of our company history. Elements trades not only cashews, but also coffee, spices and coconut products.

The founder of Elements and the FTAK – Fairtrade Alliance Kerala is Tomy Mathew. “Dignity instead of charity” are his words and he stands for this with all his heart and soul. His engagement with the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK) contributes significantly to the preservation of the existing biodiversity of the region and to the small farmers cultivating and caring for their cashew trees and delivering the harvest to their depots. In some places, the pressure of world market prices is causing farmers to give preference to more sought-after crops and old varieties are slowly disappearing. So it’s all the nicer that we can help to ensure that precisely this happens less with our cooperation. Malabar pepper, for example, is such a noble rarity that can only find its way to our shelves thanks to the work of the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala.

The extra price that the raw materials fetch when they are sold not only benefits the small farmers themselves, but a portion always goes to a project for the community. For example, the construction of a new school kitchen has become possible. In India, school kitchens are an indispensable contribution to the community of the weaker members of society, as there children from poorer families receive a warm meal a day free of charge.

Elements trades with raw materials that are always both Fairtrade and certified organic. This is part of the philosophy that unites us: Our business activities must never be unconnected to people and their environment, but must always be considered and accountable as part of a larger whole – both economically and ecologically. We are proud to be able to walk this path with these wonderful people and their products and to be “ambassadors” of their stories here in the north.


The farmers behind the cashews (India)

Discover who they are, where they live and what working with Pakka means to them.

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Portrait Elements Homestead Products

Elements Homestead Products Ltd.: about the distribution company Elements and how it cooperates with the farmers’ cooperative FTAK

Interview mit Tomy Matthew

Tomy Matthew (Founder Fairtrade Alliance Kerala und Elements)
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