Equiori, Colombia

The most important facts

Pakka Fairtrade partner:
Since 2012

Number of farming families:


Main products:

EU-Bio, US-Bio

Country and region:
Colombia, regions

  • Algeciras, Huila
  • Apartadó, Antioquia
  • Planadas, Tolima

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Premium organic chocolate from Colombia

The brand “Equiori” stands for the first and only organic certified chocolate from Colombia, produced directly with local partners in origin. The name means EQUIDAD & ORIGEN, where EQUIDAD stands for fair relations with partners and ORIGEN for origin.

The goal of the company of the same name is to present chocolate lovers around the globe with an organic chocolate treat from a new country of origin. At the same time, however, the aim is to do good and thereby provide the producing cocoa farmers with a stable and long-term income so that they and their families have a better life. Equiori supports and promotes Colombian smallholder cooperatives in the organic cultivation of cacao, buys it from them, processes it locally and then exports it as high-quality refined premium organic chocolate. In developing the recipe, Equiory received a lot of support from experienced chocolatiers in Switzerland.

For more than 50 years, Colombia’s cocoa sector was largely inaccessible to outside companies and investors due to civil war and illegal drug trafficking. In November 2016, the Colombian government signed the peace treaty with the rebel group FARC, this allowed access to the regions of the country affected by the civil war. Cocoa has been repeatedly identified as a crop that can bring stability to many of these regions. The importance of cacao to a post-war Colombia has led to its name “cultivo para la paz” or “fruit of peace,” as it is currently used to replace illegal crops and revitalize many rural communities.

Currently, Equiori buys the cocoa for chocolate production from the following

producer organizations

  • APROCALG (Association of Cocoa Producers of Algeciras), Algeciras, Huila
  • ASOPEP (Asociación de productores ecológicos de Planadas), Planadas, Tolima



The farmers behind the chocolate

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