The most important facts

Pakka Fair Trade Partner since:
June 2019

Number of farming families:
Almond plantation, Outgrowers project from 2022

Main products:

EU organic (planned from 2022)

Country and region:
Georgia, Kakheti

About NCC_1702

The cultivation of almonds is still in its infancy in Georgia, although the growing conditions are very suitable, especially in Kakheti. The only problem is a light wind. However, since this is relatively constant, a natural wind protection from trees is sufficient.

The NCC has developed a very professional approach to almond cultivation and has started a first test planting of 20ha and 3 almond varieties in 2018. After a 5-year pilot phase, the goal is to promote and expand almond cultivation up to 300ha. To achieve this, both own resources and an “outgrowers project” in partnership with local farmers are necessary. This gives the Georgian agriculture or the Kakheti region the opportunity to develop “almonds” as a new product. In addition to almonds, the potential for hazelnut production is also being evaluated. Through this synergy, Pakka Georgia would benefit from a stable and large volume of high quality in-shell hazelnuts.