Flowering on Francis`farm

Last week, we introduced Francis, the farmer from Eattupara/India. And today, it is a pleasure to give you the first insight in his life and his farm.

The picture shows the flowering of the cashew trees at his farm. This year there wasn`t much rain in the region. That is why the flowering is not that good. He told us that the flowers are a little bit „burnt“ and that they are looking dry and a little black. But anyway, they will still turn into delicious cashews.

Besides, there is another thing you should know about Francis. As many of you know, if you are living outside of a city, access to internet and social media is not given yet. And so, Francis has to take „our“ pictures to town for e-mailing them to us. We think that is great and very much appreciate his efforts! Once his children are a little older, they will definitely support him and it will become much easier for him.

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