Helping hands

On Francis’ farm the cashew apples felled down and are ready to be collected. That means a lot of work. If Francis was doing that by himself, it would take too much time. Therefore, two neighbours came to help Francis. Siddique and Sasi gather in the fruits in his field and as you can see, they are two happy campers J. When all the fruit apples are collected, they have to pluck out the cashew nuts. The cashew apples are separated from the nuts in a bucket and are later given to the cows along with their regular feed.

On one picture you can see Areca nuts. These nuts also grow on Francis’ farm. He can make good money for these nuts in Kerala, but even more in other parts of India. The Areca nut is one of the main ingredients in “Paan”, which is a preparation of betel leaf combined with other things such as a mixture of chopped or coarsely ground areca nuts and other spices. Another use of the areca nut is to make natural dyes. Furthermore, it is used in some traditional medicine. But first they have to be collected and once again, Francis’ neighbours, Siddique and Sasi, are helping him out.

Siddique and Sasi, Francis' neighbours

Siddique and Sasi, Francis’ neighbours

Areca nuts

Areca nuts