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Dear Pakka friends

We are very happy to introduce you to Francis Joseph Kallapurakkal, who is a member of Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK). Together with his wife Jancy and their three children Godiya (15), Shone (10) and Alfin (8), he lives in Eattupara, Kannur District, one of the 12 regions that are gathered in FTAK. Most of you know that Pakka’s story began with the foundation of this farmercooperative. Since our very first days, we have been buying our Pakka cashews from FTAK.

Thanks to our close partnership, we have been involved in the cooperative’s development and its farmers’ daily life. We know where the cashews come from and who took care of the crop. Would you like to learn more about the origin of Pakka cashews and gain a feeling for the daily work it takes to grow this crop? Just follow Francis’s posts! He will show us his farm, talk about his work with the crops, and teach us about cashew farming and a lot more.

Immerse yourself in the great world of the cashew farmers and learn more about those people that grow and harvest the cashew in your hand!

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