Strawberries, apricots or melons – variety of fruits during the European summer months is wonderful. The multitude of fruits growing in Kerala, where Thomas lives, is impressive as well- Currently he is harvesting mangos eventhoug the monsoon season is going on in Kerala.

mango tree

The next two pictures show cashew trees and the natural mulching which is covering the soil beneath them as a result of the monsoon rains. Both the tree trunks and the ground are dark, soaked in rain water. This is the natural way to get the soil nourished and enriched.

cashew tree 2

cashew tree

The workload at the beginning of the monsoon season is not very heavy but now it starts again slowly – currently it is time to start sowing. The soaked ground offers perfect conditions to plant some bananas and tapioca (in Europe better known as Cassava) on Thomas` Farm. If the ground is well wet and slushy, the plants grow root easily and grow well especially tubers, tapioca and colocasia.

bananas 2

bananas 3

But Thomas is not only thinking of growing plants for humans, he also cares for his animals. They like the different grass varieties which Thomas grows for his cows. It grows abundantly as you can see in the picture below.