Our story

How it all began...

It all began in India. The cashews tasted so good that the idea of cashew trading grew out of the pleasure. And today, the idea is the basis of the Pakka Group, based in Zurich. Pakka has grown organically, like the nuts themselves. The company was founded on 3 June 2006 by Ueli Baruffol and Balz Strasser.

The beginning was very private. Pakka was literally a family business. The living room table at home was turned into a production line. The first bags with the precious kernels were packed and delivered with the support of the whole family.

In 2014, however, the strategic focus was shifted completely to organically produced and fairly traded nuts and nut value chains.

Cashews and other nuts have since been joined by choco fruits, choco nuts, chocolate, coconut oil and dried fruits.

Through the experience Pakka is today a competent provider of services around organic and fair trade nut and snack specialties from southern regions of origin goes.

As the company has grown, its current structure has also emerged:

Our four business units...

  • Pakka Foundation
  • Biodina SA 
  • Pakka Finance AG
  • Pakka (Products) AG 

...cover the entire value chain of our products: starting with consulting and pre-financing of local farmer cooperatives, through trading in raw materials and semi-finished products, to the distribution of our own innovative "Pakka" brand.

The development until today

The birth of Pakka
  • Foundation of Pakka GmbH
    Focus on branded nut products for the retail trade

A new Pakka entity is added
  • Foundation of Pakka Trade AG
    Focus on projects and raw material trade
The merger
  • Merger of Pakka GmbH and Pakka Trade AG to form Pakka AG

Winner "Swiss Ethics Award
Pakka is growing and specializing...
  • Spin-off of raw materials trading to the EU in diract sourcing GmbH
  • Spin-off of investment and finance business to meeewaert holding AG
  • Operational management at Pakka AG now by Managing Director Tom von Euw. Ueli Baruffol leads the raw materials & finance business.
The product range grows
  • The fair Pakka Santa Claus bag enriches the Pakka product range as a campaign product.
A new Pakka entity is added
  • Establishment of the Pakka Foundation

The partners are strengthened
  • Ueli Baruffol spends a year in Colombia with his family and supports the development of the local partner companies Equiori, KardiaNuts & Fruandes.
Unified appearance of the Pakka entities
  • Unification of the company names. Meeewaert Holding AG is renamed Pakka Finance AG and diract sourcing is renamed Pakka Sourcing. The group now appears with the specialized entities Pakka Foundation, Pakka Finance, Pakka Sourcing and Pakka Products.

The product range continues to grow
  • Pakka expands the range with chocolate, coconut oil and dried fruits
The product range continues to grow
  • Pakka launches the first vegan cashew fondue

A new member of the Pakka family
  • Renaming of Anka Fairtrade Ltd. to Pakka Georgia

Pakka celebrates anniversary
  • Pakka celebrates its 15th anniversary
Pakka continues to grow and specialize
  • Merger of the raw materials business (Pakka Sourcing GmbH) with BioPartner and EcorNaturaSi into Biodina AG, based in Schlieren.