It is not easy for the layman to find his way around the world of countless quality seals and labels. We have chosen to work with Max Havelaar, the Bio-Siegel and the Knospe. These quality labels stand for reliable and transparent guidelines that are in line with our stance. Where there is more to say about a product than the tried and tested certificates do, we have developed symbols ourselves. They are intended to help you understand our products even better.

Official standards

Max Havelaar Label

We are proud that many of our products bear the Max Havelaar seal of quality. Max Havelaar operates under the logo of the international umbrella organisation "Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International" - FLO for short. The logo shows the relationship between the South and the North. The human being in the centre represents the link between these two "worlds". It is precisely this bridging function between farmers in the South and consumers in the North that Max Havelaar assumes. The quality label vouches for guaranteed minimum prices, long-term trade relations, dignified working conditions and environmentally friendly production. You can find more information at and​ 

Pakka certificate from Max Havelaar (click on PDF icons to view)

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Organic logo (Germany, EU)

The organic logo identifies products and foodstuffs that are produced and controlled in accordance with the uniform EU regulations for organic farming. The organic logo stands for organic production and animal husbandry appropriate to the species. Production is GMO-free and respects biodiversity. Products labelled with the organic logo can be traced back to the producers and their ingredients must be at least 95% organic. More information on: and

Pakka ​ certificate Bio-Inspecta (klick on the pdf symbol to download)

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Bio Suisse - the bud

The "Knospe" is the best known Swiss organic label. Products from producers certified by Bio Suisse can be awarded this seal of quality, the "Bio Suisse Knospe". The quality label enjoys a high degree of credibility in Switzerland. Only producers who produce entirely organically are allowed to use the Bud label. You can find further information at

Pakka certificate from Bio-Inspecta (click on the PDF symbol to view)


Own Standards 

Supporting Small Farmers

Pakka not only markets the producers' products, but pays them guaranteed and stable minimum prices, partially pre-finances their harvest, and enters into long-term contracts with them.

This logo is used in situations where the use of the FLO Fairtrade label is not possible, because:

  • Production volumes are too small to justify certification costs
  • No FLO Fairtrade Standard is available for the product.
  • The establishment of cooperatives as a condition for certification by FLO is not (yet) possible for political, cultural or historical reasons.
  • Market demand is high and certification is lagging behind.
  • The country of origin where the smallholder cooperatives are located is not one of FLO's focus countries (e.g. EU countries), but the smallholder cooperatives otherwise face similar challenges as in FLO countries.

5 cents for our southern partners

A lot of work has to be done before Pakka products reach us and our customers. They are cracked, peeled, sorted, dried, sorted and packed, all with great care, often by hand and in small steps. 
The fact that the products are manufactured and produced in the country of origin wherever possible means that the added value remains local and additional jobs are created.

Made in origin

There is literally a lot of handwork involved before Pakka products reach us and our customers. It is cracked, peeled, sorted, dried, sorted and packaged, all with great care, often by hand and in small steps.
Because the products are manufactured and produced wherever possible in the origin, the added value remains locally and additional jobs are created.

Product features