«Real, authentic and of very good quality.»

«Pakka» comes from Hindi and originally meant cooked, ripe or solid. That is where it all began: in India. Whoever calls something "pakka" in India today means that it is of very good quality, genuine and authentic.  

For us, the name says it all! Not only our products should be «Pakka», but also the way they are grown and find their way to our customers. Our raw materials are grown in the south by farmers with whom we have more than just a trading relationship: We and the farmers operate sustainably, and the focus is on joint, healthy growth. Of course, this requires trust, respect and intercultural sensitivity. And that usually doesn't grow as quickly as the next harvest, but is all the more enduring for it.​

Enjoyment and pleasure are other Pakka principles that are paramount for us, our partners in the South and our customers. Wherever possible, we work to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities and services. For us, global trade is a means to an end. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to do things differently. We have it!

Ueli Baruffol, Chairman of the Board of Directors