Colombia, Ibagué

Pakka partner since 2008
5 departments, 7 different cooperatives

Approx. 350 farming families

Mango, golden berry, pineapple, banana, cocoa, peanuts, dragon fruits, panela/cane sugar

EU organic, USDA organic, CO Colombia, WFTO, BCorp
Approx. 1000 ha organic cultivation


Fruandes comes from the Spanish «Frutos de los Andes» and means «fruits of the Andes». This is what the company of the same name in Ibagué, Colombia, about 200 kilometres west of the capital Bogotá, is all about. Fruandes is a socially committed company that aims to sell healthy, locally produced organic products in Colombia and internationally. By integrating small farmers' cooperatives into the value chain, the company aims to achieve the greatest possible environmental and, above all, social impact. The latter is also a key concern at the processing plant in Ibagué: 70% of the factory's 75 employees are single mothers, all on permanent contracts.

The Fruandes network covers five departments in Colombia and includes seven different cooperatives and more than 350 farming families. Smallholder farmers in the Colombian Andes grow mangoes, physalis, pineapples, bananas, dragon fruit (pitaya), sugar cane, cocoa and peanuts, which are carefully processed in Fruandes' production facilities according to strict organic quality standards.

In 2017, with Pakka's support, Fruandes was able to build a new processing plant in Ibagué, creating additional jobs by increasing capacity. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, the warehouse was also expanded and the packaging line modernised. Today, Fruandes exports its organic products worldwide to countries such as Canada, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and the USA.


The farmers behind our products

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