Our standards and certificates: central to our work

It isn’t easy for a layman to find his way through the jungle of logos and labels. We have decided to work with Max Havelaar, the EU Organic label and the Swiss ‘Knospe’ organic label. All of these labels have reliable and transparent standards and are therefore well suited to our approach.

Whenever there is more to be said about a product than these proven certificates can communicate, we have developed a symbol of our own. They are meant to give you a better understanding of our products.

Official standards

Max Havelaar Label

We are proud that many of our products carry the Max Havelaar Fairtrade mark. Max Havelaar uses the logo of its international federation, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International – or FLO for short. The logo illustrates the relationship between the South and the North, brought together by the human figure in the middle. It is precisely this bridging role between producers in the South and consumers in the North that Max Havelaar plays. The logo stands for guaranteed minimum prices, long-term trade relations, decent working conditions and environmentally friendly production methods.

You can find further information a www.maxhavelaar.ch and www.fairtrade.net.

Here is our Fairtrade/FLO-CERT certificate.

Bio-Logo (Germany, EU)

The ‘Bio’ logo identifies products and foodstuffs that have been produced and certified in accordance with the EU regulations for organic agriculture. The organic logo stands for environmentally sound and animal-friendly production methods. Genetically modified organisms are banned and farming methods protect biodiversity. Products bearing the organic logo can be traced back to the producer and at least 95% of their ingredients must be organic.

You can find further information at
www.bio-siegel.de and www.ec.europa.eu.

Here is our certificat of Bio-Inspecta, the corresponding list of organic products and the confirmation of equivalency CH/EU-Bio.

Bio Suisse – the ‘Knospe’

The ‘Knospe’ is the best-known organic label in Switzerland. Producers certified by Bio Suisse can use the ‘Bio Suisse Knospe’ on their products. Swiss consumers have great trust in the Bio Suisse logo, for only 100% organic producers can lay claim to it.

You can find further information at

Here is our certificate of Bio-Inspecta, the  confirmation of equivalency CH/EU-Bio and the certificate of Bio-Knospe.

Our own standards

Supporting Small Farmers

Pakka not only markets the products of the producers but also pays them guaranteed and stable minimum prices, partially pre-finances their crop and signs long-term purchasing agreements with them. 

Whenever possible, we’re trying to certify our nut products with the FLO Fairtrade label. But there are situation, where this is not possible because:

  • The production volume is too small to justify the certification costs.
  • There is no FLO standard for the product (e.g. hazelnuts).
  • The founding of a Cooperative as a precondition for a FLO certification is not possible because of political, cultural or for historical reasons.
  • The market demand is very high and the FLO certification process lags behind.
  • The country of origin, from which Pakka sources the nut from the small farmer cooperative, does not belong to the FLO scope of producer countries.

5 centime for our southern partners

For every sold product in Switzerland 5 centime go to the Pakka foundation to support projects of our producers in the South. This contribution is raised independetly from the fair trade certification (Max Havelaar label).

Handmade in the origin

Our products pass through a lot of hands before they reach Pakka and our customers. They are cracked, hulled, graded, dried, sorted and packed, all with tender loving care, by hand, and in many small steps.

Origin guaranteed

We guarantee the exact origin of our products. Our cashews don’t just come from India; they are grown and harvested in the Malabar region. All of our products can be traced precisely back to the farmer.

Product properties


All Pakka products are vegan.


All Pakka products are gluten-free.


All Pakka products are lactose-free.