Farmerstories - Choco Fruits 

José Orlando Rodríguez – Banana Farmer

First and last name: Jose Orlando Rodriguez

Residence: Vereda Perico, Ibagué Tolima

Family status: married and 3 children

Age: 60 years old

Why do you have a passion for agriculture?

I come from an area where there used to be constant war and there were few opportunities and economic prospects for us. Agriculture helps people here to grow food for their own use and to sell what we do not need and to earn an additional income.

Today I can say that working in the countryside is a very good alternative to live in peace and contribute to the supply of the big cities.

What are the advantages for Pakka partners to work "Fruandes"?

Fruandes has promoted the partnership between us farmers. It is an "honest" and "serious" company that is trying to bring about a change in mentality among us in Colombia.

They gave me advice on good practices for managing my crops. Today, I have an organic fertilizer plant right on my farm, which produces fertilizers for my banana and coffee crops. This way I don't need money to buy such fertilizers and save a lot of money.

I also like that Fruandes promotes me as a small farmer, accompanies me and that they believe in me.

César Balanta – Pineapple Farmer

First and last name : César Balanta

Residence: Vereda, Santander de Quilichao, Cauca

Family status: married and 1 child

Age: 45 years old

Why do you have a passion for agriculture?

Since 1995, I have seen rural as an opportunity to support and contribute to our community - rural is life.

And I am proud to contribute to global sustainability.

What are the advantages for Pakka partners to work "Fruandes"?

It took 6 years from conventional to organic farmer. Thanks to strawberries, I learned to respect nature and the environment. I was taught by Fruandes the importance of a "clean" and sustainable farming methodology and production. I was also given the necessary knowledge and advice on how to practice organic farming.

In addition, I also receive supplementary payments and this brings me a higher income and prospects for my future.

Israel Porras – Mango Farmer

First and last name : Israel Porras

Residence : Vereda Guacana, Tocaima Cundinamarca

Family status:  Separated, 3 children

Age: 75 years old

Why do you have a passion for agriculture?

I have always been a child of the countryside and nature, and I love to see how what I have grown bears fruit. That is pure life.

What are the advantages for Pakka partners to work "Fruandes"?

I get good prices for the mangoes I grow and they are stable.
I feel part of a (Fruandes) family with many familiar people.
Fruandes supports me with the products and agricultural training in terms of organic know-how transfer.

Ana Julia Portilla – Physalis Farmer

First and last name : Ana Julia Portilla

Residence : Vereda pupiales, Ipiales, Nariño

Family status: Mother & head of household, 2 children.

Age: 46 year old

Why do you have a passion for agriculture?

I grew up in a family with an agricultural vocation, and every day that passes I see that being a farmer is an opportunity to appreciate our food, thanks to which I was able to raise my children and have my own house.

What are the advantages for Pakka partners to work "Fruandes"?

I have learned to improve my crops with elements from my own farm. The change from chemical to organic farming methods is not easy. But Fruandes has accompanied me and helped me to take this step.

Thanks to the additional payment I receive for the organic certified fruit, I can continue to develop and especially support and encourage my children even more.



"Fruandes = Frutos de los Andes" or "Fruits from the Andes" - that's what the company of the same name "Fruandes" in Ibagué, Colombia, about 200 km west of the capital Bogotá, is all about. Fruandes is a socially responsible company with the aim of selling healthy and locally produced products in organic quality on international markets.

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